Dan Haines Caulking and Masonry Restoration Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
has the experience…. the skilled personnel…. and the right equipment to meet your needs! …Since 1976

Bricklaying flashing indianapolis
Stress Crack Repairs
Copper Thru-Wall Flashing
caulking indianapolis urethane sealant
New Construction and
Sealant Repairs
masonry flashing indianapolis
New Relief Shelf Angle
Copper Thru-Wall Flashing
limestone tuckpointing indianapolis
Limestone Restoration
Tuckpointing and Cleaning
brick restoration Indianapolis
Spalled and Cracked
Brick Restoration
tuckpoint brick reveneer control joint
Tuckpointing & Reveneer
Installing Control Joints

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SERVICES INCLUDE: Block, Bricklaying, Caulking, Concrete Vertical Wall Patching, Concrete Removal and Replacement, Copings, Control Joints, Door Frames and Openings
Expansion Joints, Exterior Building Maintenance, Exterior Insulation Finish System, Flashings, Leak Solving, Limestone, Masonry Cleaning, Coatings and Painting, Paint Stripping
Parapets, Pressure Washing, Sealants, Slate, Soffits, Stone Work, Terra-Cotta, Thru-Wall Flashing, Tuckpointing, Wall Reveneering, Waterproofing, Water Repellents

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